Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Team Member introduction, Van Carnes of Primitive Art Dolls

This Weeks Member Introduction
 Meet Van Carnes of Primitive Art Dolls
Hi, My name is Van, nicknamed Meams by my grands. I was raised in Virginia, now presently residing in Maryland in a charming old community Sudbrook Park.
I have been crafting and creating all my life, from drawing, doll making, gardening, home decorating, cake decorating, ceramics, pottery, cross stitching, but, I believe making dolls is by far my most favorite.
I love doing orders for people with special request. It really brings out more creativity My greatest pleasure comes from watching the dolls come to life and hoping they bring a smile or hug from their new owner.

I started my shop a few years ago, when my daughter suggested selling my dolls outside of friends and family. So I started with eBay, then my son made me a website, a beautiful one at that, giving it it's name PrimitiveArtDolls.
 My grandchildren gave me the nickname Meams. Wanting a little more exposure, I started my shop with Etsy. A little slow getting things up and running for a while but, now, I try to add things more frequently. I have had a lot of success with getting special request and orders. I am so happy that everyone seems well pleased with every purchase. I have been so blessed with so very many purchases from repeat patrons, that I am kept rather busy making the dolls in between homeschooling the grandchildren and working part-time. I can say it has been a wonderful journey and
I hope to be able to continue it for a long time.
Thank you everyone who has made it possible!!






  1. Love your artwork! I'm definately a follower :)
    Chestnut Valley

    1. Thank you Darla, for your most gracious comments.

  2. Love all your creations! Glad you are part of our Group!

    1. Donna, Thank you for the lovely comment. I am so very glad to be a member of this group. I appreciate all the help I am receiving from everyone.

  3. Wonderful story Van. Your creations are truly awesome.
    Country Impressions Floral & Decor

    1. Thank you Sheila, your kind words mean a lot to me. My life could not be complete without my two wonderful children and four fabulous grandchildren, they are such an inspiration to me.

  4. Lovely post! So nice getting to know Van:) And her dolls are so beautiful!

  5. I love all your wonderful creations! I am a follower of your blog,and your etsy shop is in my favorites! Keep up the wonderful work!


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