Friday, July 19, 2013

Introducing Rhonda of Vintage Expressions

Folkart & Primitives Etsy Team Member introduction, please meet Rhonda of Vintage Expressions!

Here is what Rhonda has to say on her Etsy Shop "About" Page: I am a self-taught artist with a love for all things old. I enjoy making what is now called "altered art", acrylic and watercolor painting, and I love collecting and painting fairies. I have authored two decorative painting books, Vintage Collections and Furniture Makeovers, and have been featured in multi-artist books published with Plaid Enterprises. In 2005 I was invited to the White House at Christmas when I had an ornament I painted hand picked by the First Lady to hang on the tree in the Blue Room. Then the following year I had a hand painted ornament hanging on the tree in the Library of Congress and then this past Christmas I had an ornament selected to hang on the tree in the Renwick Art Gallery of the Smithsonian across the street from the White House. I am member of the Society of Decorative Painters and have been published in their magazine, The Decorative Painter, several times. I have always loved antiques, had a shop at one time, and pretty much anything vintage. I enjoy "repurposing" unique items, creating a whole new way to use them. I started my Etsy site in hopes of "selling my wares", sharing with others the things I love creating and eventually, being successful enough that I can be one of those few who can quite their daytime job and just stay home and create. I truely believe that when you make an item and it goes into an others hand it takes a part of you with it because you created it and it now belongs to someone who appreciates that creation. This is what makes my art so wonderful to me, to be able to share it with someone else. My grandmother used to tell me when I was little that my art would take me somewhere wonderful someday....

Hand Painted Primitive Sampler
Many if not all of the items Rhonda creates are "one-of-a-kinds" due to the materials used to create them. She enjoys incorporating vintage and antique items such as buttons, beads, trims, lace, fabrics, glassware, and glitters in much of my work. Stop by her Second Etsy Shop to see more of her unique items.

This would make a gorgeous additon to your Victorian serving table or on your dresser to hold small jewelry items. Accenting the vintage plate topper is a handmade beaded garland using irredesent crystal and yellow tinted beads. It is attached to the underside of the plate with a glass/bead adhesive and is permanent. Inside the pedestal made from a wine glass is a single yellow silk rose. The pedestal is glued to to bottom of the plate. Even though the glue is listed as waterproof I would recommend carefully hand washing plate and not submerging in water. The server stands 6" tall and 6" diameter across the plate.

This 8" tall bottle is a celebration of you....a one of a kind collectible bottle that is personalized with your name on the front and embellished with antique pearls, trims, beads, baubles, fabrics and buttons for an vintage antique look. Visit Rhonda's Blog to see her latest creations and artworks.

We are proud to have Rhonda on the Folkart & Primitives Etsy Team and we hope you will visit the links above and get to know her too!!!


  1. Beautiful Art, Rhonda! Welcome to FAAP! Love your introduction post and so happy that you are a new artist here with us. LeeAnn

  2. Such unique creations, Rhonda! Also, what an honor the First Lady had selected an ornament of yours to hang on the White House Christmas Tree! Congratulations!



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