Sunday, October 12, 2014

All *tuck*ered out

One of the most popular items of primitive decor are tucks. 

They are called that because you can do just that...tuck them anywhere.

Whether in a cupboard, on a shelf, in a bowl, or into a gift for someone.  

Tucks are the most versatile and useful item to decorate with in that they are not limited to one season or holiday.

And the Folkart and Primitives Etsy Team is just the place to find that much needed tuck. 

Check them out below :)

If your not too *tuck*ered out, you can find more tucks and other wonderful items at the Folkart and Primitives team on Etsy.


  1. wonderful tucks Tracy thank you for sharing

  2. You are right!! Tucks are a must!! I love all these!

  3. Such beautiful tucks! Thank you so much for including mine--I'm very honored:)

  4. Tucks are definitely a 'must' for all prim collectors!

  5. Love all the beautiful tucks! Great Job Tracy!

  6. I love all these tucks! thanks for including my bees and sunflowers!~~Anne


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