Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tag!! Your it!!

For years, tags were used only for writing *to* and *from* on.  
As merely a means of identifying the receiver and sender of a gift or package.

But, in the world of primitive and country decor, tags have taken on a whole new meaning and function. 

Tags are still used for their original purpose, but are also used to decorate...anything from dolls to pillows, garland to trees.

The artisans of the Folkart and Primitives Etsy team offer a wide array of tags, no matter how you would like to put them to use.

So, the next time you are giving a gift, need a little something to add to a handmade item, or just something to tuck into a garland or hang on a tree, consider using a hang tag.

They make a large statement, in a little space.


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