Thursday, April 2, 2015


Daffodils are a welcome sign of Spring!

Mine are starting to really nudge their way to the surface.   Infact my mini's will be popping open shortly.  Once that happens, I know for sure Spring has arrived at long last.

Unlike the crocus and tulips, daffodils are not eaten by deer, rabbits and voles.  There is a toxin distributed throughout the bulb, leaf and flower which makes them critter proof.

The genus is extremely diverse from the common image we all have come to recognize.  It includes 25 species and more than 13.000 hybrids.

With colors ranging from yellow, white and bi-color to peachy pinks and bright oranges.

Some do not even look like our normal daffodil.

The downside, is that once done blooming, their foliage has to remain in place to recharge the bulb for next season.  At times, this foliage can be around into June.   To hide this, plant them around perennials or tuck them in  areas that will conceal the lingering greens.  

If they refuse to flower, most likely it is because the bulbs have split and multiplied and are too crowded.   Dig them up, divide them and spread the beauty!!


  1. Morning, love the cheerfulness of Daffodils, mine have not popped up yet.Blessings Francine.

  2. Good Morning Francine! I am sure they will begin to appear soon. Thank you for stopping by :)

  3. I do love daffodils, and was so happy when we moved to our big old house three years ago and found so many planted all over.


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