Thursday, April 23, 2015

Soil Prep and Weed Control

Good Morning !

I am going to just "wing" todays post and review what I have been doing in my flower beds this past week.  Hopefully you are moving right along as well.  

By now and depending on where you live your perennials should be starting to wake up from their long winter sleep.

I have cleaned out around all of mine and trimmed back the dead branches.

I tackled my miniature Butterfly Bush, trimming the bare branches back to 12" in height.  I see a lot of new growth.

We are having new mulch applied to my flower beds and our landscaper friend suggested we pull off all the old mulch, which we did.

I have pulled any weeds coming up and laid down a good covering of Preen.

This is awesome stuff and was suggested by our landscaper friend to use.   For those that live in the Southern part of the U.S. , did you know they make one just for you?

For my numerous azaleas and mini rhododendrons,  I have sprayed them for any possible insect problem that may start due to our winter and gave them a good fertilizing.

I have also planted tulips that I received as a gift from my daughter at Easter and transplanted a Stella O D'oro Daylily.

Here is a tip for weed control:    When you see grass  growing up in between your plants, whether they be bushes, ground covers or whatever, it is difficult to treat.   I would try to pull it out by the roots, which at times was not too successful.   Did you know you can just "paint" on the grass or weed killer?   Just apply it with a sponge applicator and paint it.   This way, it will not hurt your bushes or ground cover.   :)

Do you have any tips you can share?   If so, please comment below,


  1. my tip, I need to hire you to come fix my yard and flower beds :) great advice I have seen the preen commercials and wondered if it was a good product, thank you for sharing

    1. LMBO I dont do this stuff for nothing.....hmmmmmm or do I ? I have used the Preen for years and have been pleased with the results. I

  2. After you get done helping Brenda, feel free to come and help me. Good advice and as soon as it gets consistently warmer here, I will be out in my overalls and yanking weeds!

    1. LOLOL Pat, you are just as funny as Brenda. I see it as getting down and dirty along with some good ole Vitamin D :)


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