Thursday, May 21, 2015



One of the most beautiful and fragrant bushes that open in late spring. 

They will reach a maximum height of 20-30' and a canopy of 15-20'.   There are also mini varieties which are just as breath taking.  They will attract bees and butterflies and are cold hardy and will grow in poor soils.   They are a low maintenance plant.

New bushes do not need to be pruned until they are about 6-8' in height.  Prune them after the flowers have faded, if you prune them late, you will sacrifice next years blooms.   Rule of thumb is to cut no more than 1/3 of the branch.   Trim out the "suckers" and and dead branches first.   Then lop off your height and create the shape you want.  When cutting back a stem which has blooms, I cut back to the first set of horizontal stems.

They are beautiful in simple arrangements and run the gamut from rustic to shabby chic to elegant.

Miniature Lilac bush


  1. Cindi....great article and gorgeous photos! We planted a lilac this year and are hopeful to see blossoms next year!

  2. enjoyed the article...never thought about lilacs...would love them to attract butterflies!

  3. I love lilacs! thanks for posting them


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