Tuesday, November 10, 2015

BUY Handmade for the Holidays

It is coming.......the season of gift giving.  

 While we all know that the true meaning of "gift giving" is not purchasing gifts, it is the giving of yourself and being a good person.

But in reality, we do purchase for those that we love as a show of appreciation.

So why not, BUY HANDMADE.

There are so many talented artists that offer so many realms of art it would almost be impossible NOT to find something.

  The Folkart and Primitives Team is one example.   

We offer fabric, wood, sewing, stitching, painting and patterns.    Gifts for him, her for someone special and the children.
The list could go on.

So this year, when you are contemplating what to buy, think of that artist that put their heart into each item they create for YOU.

This about sums it up............

                                    Why buy Handmade

Because handmade tells a story.   It tells  you a story of the maker to date, it tells you of their years of experience, it breathes their creativity.   It tells you about what why started making and why they continue.   It tells you a story of now, it tells you of every moment while they were making it.   What the weather was like, how they are feeling.   It tells you of the future,  It tells you of ideas the piece has sparked off.  It tells you of the beautiful quality that care and skill brings with it. 

 It tells you of the journeys the piece will undergo….that you,  the owner will take on those journeys….you continue that story that the maker starts.   The piece then starts to tell the story of you,    The places that you go…..the way you habitually touch it, the things that you do with it…..the way it makes you feel and they way you feel when you see it

 That is why you should buy handmade.

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